Was long time ago
27 y/o,
New York, United States
I really enjoy great conversation and learning from others. I will take the time to really listen to what you are saying and hope you do the same. I would describe myself as kindhearted and funny. I have been told that I have a sunny smile and personality and that I am easy to talk and fun to be around.
Aged between:
16-80 y/o
Want to meet:
I like individuals who are honest and do not look down on anyone for any reason. Arrogance and cockiness is not an appealing trait to me. In my past relationship, there was not good communication and that is something that I need. I love to laugh and relish a good joke even at my own expense. While there is a time for serious behavior and thinking, being too serious all of the time is not fun to me and usually turns me off. I think it is great when individuals can laugh at themselves and not take life to serious. I try to see the good in everything because to focus on the negative brings the mood down and really does not change the situation, so what is the point. Anyway, I hope to meet nice people.